Why travel with us?

At Montagne Expedition, our local team is mainly made up of natives of the destination, or foreigners who have lived there for several years. Some of us are or have been professional guides, others practice outdoor activities, and we are all driven by the desire to share our passion with travelers from all walks of life. We spend a lot of time in the field to perfect our knowledge of our destinations, and we take the greatest care in selecting our partners on the basis of professionalism and expertise, and never because they are the cheapest. Our guides are recruited and handpicked, and we train them regularly during internships in the field or in France. Thanks to ALTAI CAMPUS. Our training course and our guides are all qualified to supervise nature and adventure trips. In addition to the technical knowledge necessary for their profession, they all follow specific training in first aid and safety. At the end of this training, they are certified guides ALTAI, the only label which authorizes them to accompany you.

We try to present a few programs on our website to give everyone travels ideas, nothing more. We have the experience and knowledge to build the itinerary of your dreams with you. We live there and we know all the hotels, pensions and guesthouses, all the private and public transport solutions, the very good restaurants and the modest takeaway. Whatever your budget and your desires, and if your requests are feasible, we will come back to you with an exclusive proposal for a unique trip.

In the classic and historical pattern of tourism, when a client wishes to go on an organized trip, he, first of all, addresses a travel agency in his country of origin, which itself subcontracts with a receptive agency local. At Mountain Expedition, we take on the roles of salespeople and organizers at the same time, there are no longer any intermediaries who take an extra margin in the process. Therefore, by choosing to trust us, you benefit from the best possible value for money. Our presence on site for many years, as well as the relationships of trust that we have forged with our partners allow us to have access to attractive prices and to pass them on to you. This allows us to be competitive while paying our guides well, drivers and employees who remain loyal to us and strengthen our experience on site.

In order to secure payments made from our website, we have chosen to use the OGONE system, recognized around the world for its reliability. The information you provide to us when ordering and paying by credit card are subject to automated data processing by Ogone. The purpose of this automated data processing is to define a level of transaction analysis and to fight against bank card fraud, theft and misuse of your identity. OGONE S.A. and ALTAI S.A.S. are the recipients of the data relating to your order. Your card number is never transmitted or used as is but benefits from a secure encoding and encryption system. The highest security standards are applied to data storage and all comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).